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Outlook Festival is an annual electronic music festival held in the city of Pula in Croatia. It features a range of international artists from the electronic world, including drum and bass, hip hop, dubstep, house, garage, grime and many other genres. The heart of the Outlook Festival action is the Punta Christo Fortress, once part of a network of neighboring forts on the peninsula built by the Austrian Empire in 1863. , when Pula was a powerful port city under the rule of the Habsburgs that needed naval reinforcements. Punta Christo has long since fallen into disrepair, creating an evocative backdrop for laser-projected graffiti and the reverberations of ferocious bass. Large parts of the fortress, such as the sunken ballroom and the 1,200-seat open-air arena, are transformed into festival stages with state-of-the-art sound equipment and dramatic color-changing lights. The outdoor dance ‘floors’ include a heavily fortified pier in the bay, as well as The Clearing, a woodland glade barely paved with shards of fallen stone and matted grass, intended to accommodate the rhythmic fervor of 3,000 frenzied human beings trying to keep up with 150 beats per minute. The Dungeon is one of the last remaining tunnels that stretched beneath the network of fortresses and is the festival’s only underground stage, a reverberating space reserved for upbeat rave sets. In contrast, just outside the entrance to the fort, a wide green lawn called The Garden provides some open air for those in need of a (relatively) quiet respite. For each day of Outlook, the festival begins at noon with a pleasant party that stretches out on the nearby strip of golden-sand beach. While hungover festival-goers enjoy barbecue, sandwiches and various drinks), DJs spin a soothing selection of reggae and electronica from airy tents. Snorkeling equipment and other water activities are available for rent, and swimming in the safe and clean, warm sea blue water is a special event. The enjoyment continues until sunset, when the company moves towards the fortress – or goes out to the open sea. This is where our Pio Zadar Taxi transfer service comes into play, whose employees will take you to the desired location.

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Interesting fact:

Pula is the city best known for the Roman amphitheater, the Pula Arena, which is one of the best preserved in the world. The history of the presence of inhabitants in the Pula area dates back to the time of Hmo Erectus, whose remains were found in the Šandalja cave near Pula. In the vicinity of Pula, pottery from the Neolithic period (6000-2000 BC) was found, indicating human settlements.

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