In 1949, the Plitvice Lakes due to its exceptional beauty, it was declared a national park, thus becoming the oldest national park in Croatia. The natural occurrence of Sedra, as well as the way in which tufa barriers are created, forming lakes, brought in 1979. year to the Plitvice Lakes and the international recognition of UNESCO. With this act, the Plitvice Lakes were placed on the list of protected world heritage. The Plitvice Lakes National Park unites a forested mountain region that has captured 16 lakes with incredible clarity and astonishing and wonderful blue-turquoise colors. The lakes receive water from numerous smaller or larger tributaries interconnected by cascades and waterfalls.

The total water area is 217 ha, of which the largest and deepest, 47 m, Kozjak, with an area of 81.5 ha. Forming powerful waterfalls that flow from lake to lake, and the path of that powerful water ends in the Korana river. The tradition of serious tourism in this area has continued since 1861, and in our time the number of visitors would exceed 1,000,000 visitors. In terms of preserving wild nature, the Plitvice Lakes National Park has introduced an innovation in terms of online ticket purchases in order to better control and somehow limit the number of visitors and thereby reduce the human footprint on nature. The national park has connected all destinations with paths that are sometimes bridged by boats constructed especially for that purpose. Local renters of rooms and apartments as well as countless restaurants with wonderful gastronomic offers profit from the huge number of visitors. We recommend a visit at any time of the year, because due to the splendor of the colors, each time of the year can be experienced in a primal way in harmony with nature. Taxi Pio offers you a taxi transfer for one-day trips to the Plitvice Lakes with or without a guide. If you register via our online form, we also provide tickets to the national park. Of course, we also offer only taxi transfers to Plitvice, as well as transfers from Plitvice to Zagreb, Zadar, Split, Dubrovnik, Novalja, or any desired destination.

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Interesting fact:

This entire area is still called the Devil’s Garden on some topographical maps. This name is linked to the legend of the origin of the Plitvice Lakes. According to that legend (one of the legends about the Black Queen), the Plitvice Lakes were formed after a long and severe drought and there was no trace of water. People, animals and even plants ran aground and died. Then the people turned to prayer, they prayed day and night. Their prayer was answered by the Black Queen, who appeared in a dazzling light and took pity on the people, and with a strong howl of wind and terrible thunder, she started rain that fell and fell until it filled the lakes to the top, which began to overflow from the heavy water. Plitvice Marathon, one of the oldest in Croatia, founded in 1981. Even today, it is one of the most popular marathons in Croatia.

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